What's unique about Entrees On-Trays?

Our purpose. We deliver food; that’s all we do. We’re not a technology or internet company. We're not selling an app. Our business is delivery and we know it's worth doing well. We're providing a great service to both our restaurants and our customers.

Our longevity. Our competitors have only been around for a few years. We’ve seen others come and go as they try to figure out how the delivery business works. Entrees On-Trays has been providing quality restaurant delivery service since 1986; we know how to get the job done.

Our home. We’re a home-grown business that’s always been locally owned and operated. Tarrant County is our home. If a customer or a restaurant needs to address an issue with us, they’ll be talking to someone in our Fort Worth office, not someone in a West Coast call center.

Our customer-tailored services. We serve customers big and small with a variety of services. We offer rechargeable gift codes, group ordering, large event catering, and delivery to both residences and offices. If you need something, call us! There are so many ways we can make your life easier.

Our drivers. They’re not just signing into an app when they have some free time. Delivering quality food is all they do. We check their backgrounds and issue them uniforms so that customers and restaurants will know who they are. We issue them insulated bags to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Our drivers have experience delivering to both residences and offices and are prepared to tackle whatever challenges might arise.

Our restaurants. Our restaurants are our partners. We count on each other to deliver the best food to our customers. If we pick up from a restaurant, it’s because we have a relationship with them.

Our family. Food service is more than a business for us; it’s our family tradition. The Kalil family has been involved with delivery and catering since 1940, when Sam Kalil, Sr., started at Deluxe Lunch Box Catering in Los Angeles, California. It is our honor to carry on our family tradition of providing easy access to good food for good people with personal service that is second to none.